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Chorzow - a city located in central part of Upper Slask , bordering with Katowice and Siemianowice in the east . Ruda Slaska and Swietochlowice in the west and in the north with Bytom and Piekary Slaskie. Chorzow is a city with an area of 33 square kilometers and 132 thousand inhabitants , which gives a high population density of four thousand persons per square kilometer . Chorzow lies on the crossing of important communication routes , air connection is provided by the airport in Pyrzowice located nearly 40 kilometers from the city's center . Chorzow is one of the largest as well as the oldest industrial centers in Poland . Operative on the city's considerably small area are two large steelworks , two works of the chemical indystry , an electric power station and two hard-coal mines . This effects a serious threat to the environment and sets forth problems for the city connected with restructuring the industry. A significant meaning for the city has the District's Park of Culture and Recreation, a park-recreation complex, unique in our country, with an area of 600ha. Of likewise importance are other complexes of green grounds, therein parks: the Steelworks Park, Park of Roses and the park on the hill Redan. Chorzow is a meaningful cultural center in the Upper Slask. One of the youngest professional theaters in Poland is active here - the Entertainment Theater which also cooperates with the Theater of Expression. Furthermore, active are: 6 company cultural centers, 2 art galleries, an art agency, a museum and the City Public Library There are many relics in Chorzow, among others, the St. Barbara Church, the Eclectic style building of the M. Sklodowska-Curie High School, the Neo-Gothic style building of the Post. Chorzow possesses a developed network of educational units: 29nursery schools, 29 primary schools (therein three special and 1 social), 13 school complexes of a professional nature and 5 high schools, therein the Catholic High School. There is also a State Musical School of the 1 and 11 degree in Chorzow. Six Hospitals provide health care fur the city's residents, therein a children's hospital with two clinical departments (surgery and laryngology) and eight general and specialized outpatient clinics. The City Authorities pay special attention to health care issues, which is reflected by the fact that Chorzow is the first city in Poland that has reorganized its health care creating organizations subordinated to the City Authorities.

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